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Lesbian Lives Conference 2013

Data do evento: 15/02/2013

2 0t h A n n u a l   L e s b i a n   L i v e s   C o  n f e r e n c e 

‘T h e   M  o  d e r n   L e s b i a  n ’ 
1 5-1 6 t h   F e b r u a r y   2  0 1 3
Hosted by University of Brighton
LGBT and Queer Life Research Hub
In conjunction with Women’s Studies Centre,
University College Dublin
The theme for the 20th Annual Lesbian Lives Conference is The Modern Lesbian.  Conference conveners of this two-day international and interdisciplinary conference now welcome proposals from academics, scholars, students, activists, documentary and film-makers, writers and artists.
This year’s keynote speakers and guests include: Sarah Schulman, Lisa Downing, a book launch of Laura Doan’s Disturbing Practices: History, Sexuality and Women’s Experience of Modern War, 1914-18, Rachel Adams (The Modern Lesbian photography project), plus special screening/panels from the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

Please see our website for further details about each of these:

The Lesbian Lives Conference is open to all genders and any political and sexual orientations. There is an ethos of welcome and accessibility.

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The Lesbian Lives Conference has been organised by the Women’s Studies Centre at University College Dublin for the first seventeen years and in 2011 celebrated its 18th birthday in Brighton. In 2013 The University of Brighton is delighted to co-host the 20th conference.
The Lesbian Lives Conference is not just the world’s only annual academic conference in Lesbian Studies, it is a large international event that draws speakers and participants from all continents and hosts the best-known as well as emerging
scholars in the field. It aims to provide a public debate platform for community voices. In the past we have hosted Emma Donoghue, Jackie Kay, Joan Nestle, Cherry Smyth, Del La Grace Volcano, Sarah Waters and academics such as Sara
Ahmed, Terry Castle, Laura Doan, Lillian Faderman, Sarah Franklin, Claire Hemmings, Alison Hennegan, Sally R. Munt, Helena Whitbread, Bonnie Zimmerman among many others.
The social, cultural and artistic impact of this annual conference cannot be underestimated as it gathers together academics, activists, performers and writers who do not otherwise have the opportunity to address such large audiences or to network across international and professional boundaries. It is a forum for political organisation on the levels of both community activism and established international NGOs. Many books (academic and literary) and films (documentaries and dramas)
are launched at this event and it is continually referenced in lesbian work and events internationally.
The conference sets the parameters for debate in the manifold disciplines that now take ‘Lesbian’ or ‘Lesbian Communities’ as the object of enquiry or as a category for analysis.
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